Safety Tips for Driving in Colorado Mountains

October 14th, 2020 by

Here in Denver, Colorado, we’re fortunate to have so many beautiful mountainous destinations within easy driving distance, like the picturesque Rockies. Before you set out on your next trip in your Buick or GMC, check out these safety tips for handling the steep twists and turns of Colorado’s mountain roads.

Dangerous conditions

Exercise caution, and slow down while driving on steep mountain roads. These routes are often narrower than usual, with dangerous curves, limited visibility, and wildlife crossing often, especially near parks. The weather can change quickly at high altitudes, so be prepared for sudden snow, ice, wind, and chills to appear. An AWD-equipped vehicle like the GMC Acadia or Buick Enclave can provide you with better traction in treacherous conditions.

Steep roads

If you are driving down a steep road, keep an eye out for vehicles behind you that may not be able to stop. To control your speed, shift to a lower gear rather than overusing your brakes. If you are driving up a steep road, consider turning off the air conditioning to keep the engine from overworking and overheating. If you can’t keep up your speed, pull over in a turnout to let other vehicles pass before proceeding.

Vehicle maintenance

Driving in the mountains can be especially hard on your vehicle’s engine, transmission, brakes, suspension, and other systems. If you’re planning on taking any rugged trips, make sure your vehicle is running smoothly and up to date on scheduled maintenance.

Whether you need a vehicle that can handle mountain roads or want to schedule service before your next high-elevation trek, contact Transwest Buick GMC in Denver and we’ll be happy to help.

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