Buick Teases New Crossover

June 13th, 2019 by

The designers at Buick are moving into new territory on future crossovers and sedans.

“This is a really important time for Buick,” says Executive Design Director Helen Emsley. “For a while we’ve been trying to reinvent Buick and find out what it is. This is a perfect time for us to sit back and say, ok, what is the right thing to do for Buick? Let’s make sure we do it correctly.”

Recently, members of cardesignnews.com received invitations for a rare visit to the GM Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. There, they got a glimpse of new concepts for the brand, including the mysteriously named “Orange Car.” Cardesignnews.com described the Orange Car as having “bold, aggressive inspiration” and said it would “shock and surprise many, both inside and outside the industry.” At the same time, the designers at Buick have included bits of Buick history into the new models to honor design cues of the past.

There isn’t much else known about the new models, but General Motors did make a sizeable $36 million investment in its Lansing assembly plant, suggesting the concepts could be made in the States.

Although 80 percent of the brand’s sales come from China, Buick is determined to continue producing quality vehicles for the United States. See some of Buick’s current production models at Transwest Buick GMC.

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